REACH: The EU Chemical Regulation

REACH stands for "Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals". The Regulation (EU) No. 1907/2006 came into force in June 2007 and is also known as the EU Chemicals Regulation. It is supposed to ensure that manufacturers and importers take on the responsibility for safe handling of chemicals.

The regulation is valid in all the EU member nations and regulates that only those chemical substances with prior registration be brought into circulation. The European Chemical Agency ECHA in Helsinki caters to the organisation and supervision. All chemical substances produced and imported in the EU exceeding the volume of one tonne per year have to be registered at this agency.

The IMDS, which communicates, archives and manages all the raw materials used in automobile manufacturing, is an important source of information on REACH Conformity for products related to the automotive industry. imds professional offers comprehensive IMDS services and consultation on REACH besides a seminar that prepares you thoroughly for all tasks concerning the EU Chemical Regulation.

The Material Safety Data Sheet as a Communication Instrument

Implementation of the EU Chemicals Regulation calls for broadening of communication within the supply chain. Downstream users have to provide information to their upstream manufacturers and importers on the precise use of substances subject to registration and take steps towards risk minimisation.

This is carried out mainly by using the SDB (Sicherheitsdatenblatt), also known as the "Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)". This is because apart from the registration number even information on restricted use and authorisation is documented in the MSDS. The EU Chemicals Regulation sets the specific conditions for compilation, transmission and storing of the Material Safety Data Sheets. The GHS Regulation, furthermore, lays down the internationally valid terms and conditions for compilation of the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Democratisation of Knowledge of Risk

Information on the registration procedure that is communicated to the ECHA is openly accessible on the internet databank to the exception of data protected by secrecy that companies apply for (against charges). By the end of 2012 information on 7,663 substances got from 30,375 registration dossiers was entered in the databank.

The volume of data is expected to increase further after the expiry of the transitional period for existing substances in 2013 and 2018. Information on the chemical and physical features of substances and their toxicity for human beings and the environment, as well as the volumes entering the market annually in the EU is recorded in the data bank. To this extent the Regulation contributes significantly in democratising access to knowledge of risk.

Compliance of the EU Chemicals Regulation and compilation of the "Material Safety Data Sheet" present an enormous administrative burden for the companies affected by this. imds professional comes to your assistance to deal with this. We provide support on all queries relating to REACH Conformity, RoHs, SVHC and the CLP/GHS Regulation.


Your clients would like to count on you and you would want to fall back on the material data of your suppliers. However, compiling and processing all the material data can mean an enormous amount of work. Moreover, you bear the responsibility for the accuracy of your material data towards your clients. We advise how best to organise your operational procedures in all matters relating to IMDS and CDX keeping all these aspects in mind.

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