Optimal Solution for any Situation

Our services are personalised and highly flexible. We do not make standard offers but compile custom-made solutions ideally suited for you on an individual case basis. Our team of highly specialised employees makes it possible to offer unique solutions and complete orders on time. compliance professional employs engineers and environmental auditors in the know of the requirements of the manufacturing industry.

The advantages for you:

  • We have thorough knowledge of material compliance including areas such as ELV, conflict minerals, REACH, RoHS, biocides, etc. We deal with this on a daily basis and impart training on it in our courses. For this reason and due to the collaborative association with DXC Technology we have access to the latest information in the respective fields.
  • We can communicate in many languages, this ensures a more direct and efficient contact with your clients and suppliers all over the world.
  • We are the authorised DCX Technology training partner for CDX and IMDS.
  • When we work for you, you are assured of first-hand and state-of-art information. This can spare you a lot of time and effort as against personal, often long drawn clarification processes.
  • You can count on us: we work fast, are flexible, reliable, assure quality, offer cost transparency and always deliver with a smile.

 When are our services worthwhile for you?

There are several reasons for our clients to engage our services on material compliance. In the following instances it pays off particularly well to invest in our services:

  • When you already have a number of employees appointed to deal with material compliance but no longer want to run the department yourself.
  • When you would need to fulfil material reporting requirements in future but do not want to or cannot generate your own capacities.
  • When your employees have hitherto managed the material reporting activities in various locations but which now need a centralised and more efficient management.
  • If you face staffing shortage on account of illness or staff holidays.
  • When a reorganisation of the corporate structures recorded in CDX is necessitated by changes in the internal processes or ownership structures.
  • When you no longer want to invest in your own resources on account of the noticeable increase in complexity of the material requirements.
  • When new requirements in product conformity, material analyses or other compliance tests necessitate action.

Our services assist you in finding quick and straightforward solutions for all the situations mentioned above and for other problems. What is your situation? Let us talk about it! We will make a personalised offer without obligation to take over your material reporting activities.