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For compliance professional the service means that we really take care of everything to do with the material reporting process. You can concentrate on your core business and save time and money. Compiling all the material data in the CDX, CAMDS, IMDS or any other system you use is a responsible job requiring a lot of time. This is the reason for a professional data management and the use of software solutions being so important.

Material Research

You give us the parts lists, drawings or any other documents and we will conduct a research on the materials and standard components for you in order to make the required entries.

Data Entry

We make the required entry on the basis of the information or our material research.

We check the supplier data sheets and accept them. In case of a necessary rejection we explain to the supplier what has to be done to facilitate acceptance of the material data sheets. In this way we ensure a smooth compliance of requirements on time.

We co-ordinate with your clients regarding the special requirements, compile the client data sheets and send them.

Project Management

For small and big projects, e.g. re-sampling of parts from suppliers we take over the entire operation relating to the requirements that arise, including monitoring of deadlines and quality control.

Supplier Management

We compile a concept for successful supplier management. We support you in the preparations and jointly identify the necessary steps with you. We do this keeping a very pragmatic approach right down to conforming to the supplier's terms and conditions of purchase.

We inform your suppliers about your data entry requirements and rules for checking as well as other requirements in the form of a check list.

We ask for the necessary data from the suppliers and monitor whether the deadlines are met with.

We check incoming supplier data for accuracy in form and content. In the event of a rejection we clarify the reasons for the same to initiate prompt rectification and inform your suppliers in parallel by email about the required revision.

We monitor for you the status of the required material data sheets and send reminders to your suppliers in time for them to compile the data.

We provide expert clarifications to your suppliers for efficient and flawless data entry.

Client Management

We monitor deadlines for you, carry out discussions with your clients in case of special requirements and check the status of material data sheets sent out, right until complete acceptance by your clients.

Software Support

There are various providers of IT solutions that expedite and simplify material reporting processing. In general these are meaningful only if you have to process large volumes of material data. When we render the services for you we work with the solutions you desire or provide us with.

HP has developed software-based solutions for support on all things concerning the material reporting process: IMDS plus some additional features (CM-Analyzer, IMDS-a2) especially for the automotive sector and CDX for the whole manufacturing industry. We would also be happy to provide you with consultation on this!

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